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If you live in Adelaide you’ve probably heard of, or even used Precise Plumbing. What you probably don’t know is that they also have an newly launched electrical contractor division, that is proving to be popular with businesses and residents of the city.

Precise Plumbing Pty Ltd has been operating in Adelaide for over 20 years. It was started to two young plumbers with a desire to bring high quality services to commercial, industrial and residential customers. They have now grown to one of the biggest plumber businesses in the state, with a load of vans on the road and providing services for every customer possible.

precise electrical adelaide

Recently they branched out and launched Precise Electrical Services. Similar to the plumbing business, Precise Electrical provide Adelaide electrician services for commercial, industrial and residential clients. Services include solar audits and installation, hot water services, LEDs and lighting, communications, and all other electrical contractor services.

They ensure their tradesman are highly qualified and experienced, and understand the need to not only provide a great service, but also friendly customer centric service. Precise also have a stand alone hot water service and repair business, Precise Hot Water.

You can view their locations below:
 Precise Electrical

Precise Hot Water

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